Shanghai Zheyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Research Institute, the R&D center of Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd, owns first-class R & D team and excellent development environment in Shanghai, with a variety of high-tech research and development facilities.

The research and development centre adheres to the human-oriented principle, absorbs talented workers, and makes flawless personal future plans for them. We have introduced lots of advanced foreign development and management experience, which could provide first-class research harvest for the domestic and global markets.

There are many new products being put into the market every year. The centre plays an important role in driving the development of the same trade.

The centre, with great capability to develop innovative products, is of advanced developing equipment. The laboratories are equipped with a series of modern instrument and equipment for the research and development such as multi-function extractors, spray dryer, high performance liquid chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, electronic analytical balance, carbon dioxide incubator, low temperature fridge, electrophoresis instrument, Moisture Quick Determination Meter etc.

The centre has been awarded the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system. At the same time, it has established scientific strategic alliance and research Laboratories with other corporations, making great progress for the biology technology.
The research of the new products, new technology and new technique are developed by the professionals on the basis of the current equipment. The scientific research centre has become one of the greatest multifunctional modern research bases.

The research center focuses the following areas:
1. Separation and Purification of Natural Ingredients
2. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Natural Ingredients
3. Functionality and Pharmacology of Natural Ingredients
4. Bio-Technology on Selection and Improvement of Botanical Resources
5. Development of Natural Products Directly Targeting Consumers
6. Evaluation on Safety of Natural Ingredients