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A study of Baylor University Medical Center in Texas shows that curcumin would be the effective adjuvant in cancer treatment. According to the report of the Professor of the Institute, in the long course of chemotherapy for cancer, along with the increasing dose of chemotherapy, cancer patients can gradually produce some resistance, meanwhile the efficacy of chemotherapy would be great limits, while also healthy tissue structures of the body suffers great damages and this often makes serious side effects. The research center is currently on chemotherapy for cancer curcumin on in-depth research.PCBShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

The researchers said that curcumin can effectively kill ordinary cancer cells and ones which have general drug-resistance or even need ultra-high doses of chemotherapy. Curcumin can make cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and might effectively kill the cancer cells. Also the study shows that curcumin can effect well but traditional chemotherapy is always at a loss when healing some cancer target with drug-resistance. In addition, curcumin is comfirmed that is conducive to kill colon cancer-initiating cell. Tumor stem cells have the ability to self-replicate and multi-cell differentiation. This is the major factor leading to chemotherapy ineffective. Usually this kind of tumor cells are believed to have the potential to form and develop into cancer, especially as a source of new cancers when transfering to new organ.
Researchers in Tokyo University said that Dclkl is a sign-protein in cancer stem cells. It's the only marker founded existing in cancer stem cells. Dclkl is the goal used in accurate attacks on cancer stem cells. Furthermore Dclkl protein may also be the marker of pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer and other cancers.
Recently another study echoing to this shows that curcumin can reduce the serious side effects of urinary system generated during the radiotherapy for men with prostate cancer.
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