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Artemisinin's success is Chinese medicine is a major contribution to the world. Parses the artemisinin from Artemisia annua, Tu Yo Yo completed the most critical step. It is like the Tu Yo Yo said: "Artemisinin is a true gift of ancient Chinese medicine." Developed gradually caught in the face of Western medicine can not find the plight of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine prescription specifies a valid research, but also to find new drugs a wealth of medicinal resources, can shorten the development cycle, but also can reduce the development costs.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
Artemisinin development process, confirming the traditional Chinese medicine is indispensable. Antimalarial originally not from Artemisia annua, but from another plant - the cinchona tree. 19th century, the French chemist from cinchona bark ingredient isolated antimalarial quinine. Subsequently found a quinine substitute - chloroquine. Chloroquine drugs to fight malaria cure once. The subsequent emergence of drug resistance, the epidemic is difficult to control. Drug artemisinin and related derivatives birth to the world suffering from malaria-afflicted patients to bring the gospel.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Artemisinin Introduction:

CAS; 63968-64-9V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Plant Origin:Artemisia annuaV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Appearance: white or colorless crystalV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Spec.: 99%;V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Plant used: leavesV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Extraction Type: Solvent ExtractionV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Molecular Formulas:C15H22O5V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Molecular Weight:282.33V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Melting point:156-157°CV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pharmacology of artemisinin:

V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
Artemisinin is extracted from Artemisia annua with peroxide groups sesquiterpene lactone drugs. Is efficient, quick, low toxicity antimalarials. On plasmodia of a strong role in the killing and fast, rapid control of clinical seizures and symptoms. The mechanism of action of artemisinin is not very clear, interference is mainly a parasite surface membrane mitochondrial function. Artemisinin by affecting the ultrastructure of plasmodia to membrane system change. Because of the role of food vacuole membrane, blocking the parasite's nutritional intake, when the parasite cytoplasm and a significant loss of nutrients, and the lack of supplement, which soon died. Its role is through its endoperoxide (dioxygen) bridge, produced by the decomposition of hemoglobin mediated by free iron, resulting in unstable organic free radicals and / or other pro-electron mediator, and then with the parasite proteins form covalent adducts, leaving the parasite death. Artemether artemisinin antimalarial activity than six times larger.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Toxicology of artemisininV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
The drug has certain embryo toxicity, manifested as embryonic absorption.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Artemisinin test:V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Objective:To establish HPLC-ECD chromatograpH determined Artemisinin method. Using this method measure the solubility of Artemisinin in different solvents, its oil-water distribution coefficients and low concentration biological samples. Through this data preliminary speculate the influence factors of Artemisinin bioavailability.This study may offer helpful reference for study of the preparations of Artemisinin. Method: Using the uniform experimental design method to determine a good derivative methodV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Extraction of artemisinin

With artemisinin raw material, the use of industrial alcohol maceration extraction of artemisinin through experiments to determine the optimum process conditions: Alcohol by volume (mL) and Artemisia annua mass (g) ratio of 10:1, 3 times extracted liquor volume (mL) of Artemisia annua mass (g) of 2.5 times the volume of extraction solvent of ethyl acetate and the mother liquor ratio of 1:1, was extracted 4 times with active carbon, crystallization and recrystallization, and dried to give white needles of the Green artemisinin crystals obtained product yield of artemisinin 2.73 ‰, a purity of 99%, this process has the safe operation, extraction rate, low production costs, product content is high.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Studies on the synthesis of artemisinin; (+) Artemisinin is a sesquiterpene endoperoxide lactone with an unprecedented structure is a natural medicine for the treatment of malaria in particular drug against drug resistant malaria and cerebral malaria. The total synthesis of this novel sesquiterpene is described using an inter-molecular radical reaction on important intermediate iodolactone starting from terpene (+) isolimonene.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Progress in other artemisinin drugs;V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Dihydroartemisinin, artesunate, artemether, arteether.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Chinese artemisinin rats proved by the research group [1], rat after oral artemisinin 150mg, rapidly absorbed completely, but the plasma concentration is low, maintain a short time, showing first-pass effect. Artemisinin 150mg intravenous blood aqueous suspension schedule two compartment model, t1 / 2 was 30min, Vd is 4.1L, indicates that artemisinin is widely distributed in the body and eliminate quickly. Intramuscular injection in humans artemether oil 3.2mg, 6.0mg, 10.0mg and after the peak plasma concentration time is 4h ~ 6h, the average retention time was 10.2h, 15.6h and 19.0h, show by intramuscular artemether injection may persist longer in the body, in the body of sodium intravenous artesunate 2.0mg and 3.8mg after the blood is in accord with two-compartment model, t1 / 2 was 30min and 36min ~ 48min. to drug accumulation in urine within 7h after discharge dose of unchanged drug accounted for only 0.1% to 6.8%, indicating that the drug in the body mainly through the elimination of metabolic transformation. Artesunate reported soon after entering the body into DHA. Determination users free drug concentration in body fluids, it is difficult to dihydro-artemisinin and artesunate make a difference, the measured concentration is likely to be the sum of two kinds of substance concentration.V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

artemisinin drugs other pharmacological researchV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
1, the anti-tumor effectsV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
2, the immunomodulatory effectsV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
3, the role of anti-schistosomeV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
4, the anti-inflammatory effectsV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
5, the hepatoprotective effectV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
6, antiarrhythmicV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
7, antiviralV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
8, the treatment effect of Toxoplasma gondii infectionV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
9, the role of anti-dog EperythrozoonV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
10. anticoccidialV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
11, anti-asthmatic effectV83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
12, anti-progesterone effect V83Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

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