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Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd, the sales office of Hunan Keyuan Bio-products Co., Ltd in Shanghai, is happy to announce that we get the kosher certification on May 31 of 2013. At present, the certificates available from us include ISO9001, ISO14001, and Certificate of Approval for foreign trade rights in the people’s republic of China, etc. A GMP compliant plant is under construction, and should be completed in one or two years.C5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

The main products for Kosher Certification include:

AretemisininC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
Alpha-DihydroartemisininC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
ArtesunateC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
ResveratrolC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
BenflumentolC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

ArtemetherC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd
CurcuminC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

ProgesteroneC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

By the way, many guys may do not have a full picture of what Kosher certificate it is. Therefore, a detailed introduction to kosher certificate is composed for your reference:C5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

What is Kosher?

Kosher is the segment of Jewish law pertaining to the food that a Jew may or may not eat, and the proper preparation of this food. KOF-K KOSHER SUPERVISION is an organization of Orthodox Rabbis dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the kosher status of foods in accordance with the highest standards of Kosher Law. The kosher program covers all aspects of the food production, including the ingredients used, the equipment on which it is produced, and the manner of production to ensure that all kosher requirements are met. The KOF-K Kosher symbol on a product allows the consumer to identify those products which are approved as Kosher.C5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Types of Kosher certification

Kosher law requires that meat and poultry products may not be prepared or eaten with any form of dairy products. There are 4 types of Kosher certification accompanied with the KOF-K symbol on the label of the certified products.C5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Kosher Meat: Products containing meat or meat derivativesC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Kosher Dairy: Products containing dairy or dairy derivativesC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Kosher Parve (Pareve): Products completely void of all milk & meat in any formC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Kosher Passover: Products certified for use on the Jewish holiday of PassoverC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd


Once upon a time, kosher was something that was relevant exclusively to Jews who observed religious dietary laws. Today, independent market research indicates that nearly 11 million Americans buy only kosher food; less than 20% of these keep kosher laws. And the numbers are steadily rising. Why the dramatic change? Similar to the trend of demanding “green” products, many people choose kosher food because they perceive it as pure and wholesome. They know that it is subject to heightened scrutiny and quality control, and consider it superior to ordinary food. The trend is hard to ignore: over 40% of foods sold in over 18,000 US supermarkets today are kosher. The growing popularity resulted in a U.S. kosher market valued at $15.2 billion in 2010, an increase of 86 percent since 2002. There is a reason why manufacturers of major brands are kosher certified: it’s a simple yet powerful strategy to increase marketability and generate sales. You may be wondering, who is buying all these kosher products? Although the majority of kosher consumers are of the Jewish faith, the market has expanded tremendously during the last decade to include Seventh-Day Adventists (a Christian-based faith) and Muslims, both groups whose religions also contain strict dietary guidelines. With the number of vegetarians increasing among the population, an additional niche has opened within the kosher food market. Escalating awareness of food allergies and lactose-intolerance has also impacted the sale of kosher products. Consumers observing the kosher symbol with the additional designation of parve, can be 100% certain that there are no dairy ingredients in these products. To some consumers there also exists the perception that kosher certification is a “seal” of purity which often appeals to health-conscious consumers. Getting Kosher certified is popular and a trend in USA and the growing global Kosher marketC5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

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C5UShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

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