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Product Name Pterostilbene 
CAS number 537-42-8
Other names 3',5'-Dimethoxy-4-stilbenol; 3,5-Dimethoxy-4'-hydroxy-E-stilbene;4-[(E)-2-(3,5-Dimethoxyphenyl)ethenyl]phenol
Source natural from Blueberry  Extract; Synthesized from 3,5-Dimethoxybenzyl Bromide and 4-Nitrobenzaldehyde
Latin name Vaccinium uliginosum L.
Molecular Formula C16H16O3
Molecular Weight 256.30
Specifications 10%,20%,25%, 99% pterostilbene
Appearance white to off white powder/ white crystalline powder
Test method  HPLC
Benefits Antioxidant, anti-cell proliferation, lipid and inhibit COX-1 and COX-2, anti-cancer, anti-fungal
Applied functions Lowering blood lipids and cholesterol,Diabetes,Cognitive decline,Possible anti-cancer effects

What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene, according to Wikipedia, is a a stilbenoid, dimethylated derivative of resveratrol, and it is a chemical that can be found in many fruits, such as Pterocarpus marsupium, Anogeissus acuminate, Rheum rhaponticum, Peanuts , blueberries, cranberries and grapes. However, the most of the pterostilbene with high content is purely synthetic, not from natural sources.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene VS Resveratrol

Pterostilbene is a dimethylated derivative of resveratrol that, for some mechanisms, is more potent. It is also much better absorbed, and is commonly referred to as a 'better resveratrol'. It looks promising, but has significantly less research than its predecessor.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene is one of many aromatic hydrocarbons called “stilbenes.” It’s a derivative of resveratrol, a compound found in large quantities in the skins of red grapes. Resveratrol burst on the health scene more than a decade ago, when it was found to have cardiovascular and cancer-fighting benefits.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene is a methylated stilbene molecule with structural similarity to Resveratrol, the only difference being two methoxy groups on the pterostilbene molecule that replace hydroxy groups on the resveratrol molecule. While most of the actions of the two are comparable, pterostilbene appears to be much better absorbed following oral ingestion and may be a more potent antioxidant and anticancer molecule.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

you likely have heard of resveratrol – the incredible antioxidant contained in Polygonum cuspidatum, purple grapes and red wine that has shown promise in preventing disease as well as longevity studies. However, pterostilbene is more powerful than resveratrol.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

  Both resveratrol and pterostilbene belong to phytolexins the same family of compounds – stilbenes – and both contain plant chemicals called which fight infections.  However, recent studies have shown pterostilbene to out-perform resveratrol in a few areas – notably improving mental functions, controlling blood sugar levels and improving heart health. ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

To begin with, pterostilbene is apparently more lipophilic than resveratrol – meaning it works with fat cells better.  That characteristic makes it a more useable brain antioxidant as the brain consists of a higher percentage of fat cells than other tissue. In fact, pterostilbene was found in higher concentrations in both blood and brain tissue than resveratrol.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

In addition, much more resveratrol is necessary to accomplish what pterostilbene does at a lower dose. One of the reasons for this is that resveratrol is cleared out of the body much more quickly, i.e., within 30 to 60 minutes of taking it.  Studies have shown that resveratrol is rapidly metabolized by mammals and needs something to protect it during metabolism so all its great health boosting qualities are not lost.  ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene is absorbed more easily and is metabolized much more slowly than resveratrol.  In this way, it is being thought of by researchers as a much longer-acting version of resveratrol.  More and more research is suggesting that it may be much more beneficial for people to simply take pterostilbene on its own.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Why is Pterostilbene better than resveratrol?

Pterostilbene(methylated resveratrol) has greatly improved oral adsorption and metabolic stability. The enhanced activity of pterostilbene compared to resveratrol may, in part, be explained by structural differences. Pterostilbene with two methoxy groups  and one hydroxyl group has improved lipophilicity and a higher potential for cellular uptake than resveratrol, which has three hydroxyl groups. Several published studies refer to pterostilbene as having better activity than resveratrol. For example, the result of one study indicates that pterostilbene is more effective than resveratrol as an inhibitor of DNA synthesis in the human adenocarcinoma HT-29 cell line. Additional, Rimando et al. have shown that unlike the related stilbenes resveratrol, piceatannol, nor resveratrol trimethylether, pterostilbene is a potent peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor alpha agonist, lowering lipid levels in the blood stream at a higher rate than even ciprofibrate.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Therefore, the key advantages of pterostilbene over resvetatrol are:

Pterostilbene is more powerful and effective than resveratrol in many ways:ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene is better absorbed, and more biologically active ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene is chemically and metabolically more stable and confers intended ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

  benefits without undergoing extensive metabolism as resveratrol ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene is more effective in inhibiting cell membranes against lipid peroxidation*ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene has been shown to better ameliorate dyslipidemia (in diabetic rats) ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

  thus contributing to supporting cardiovascular health* ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

 Pterostilbene better reduces anti-inflammatory markers such as NFκB, iNOS and as ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

  a selective inhibitor of COX-2* ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Pterostilbene antimicrobial benefits are 5-10 times more powerful ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Is there a difference between synthetic pterostilbene and natural pterostilbene?

Synthetic pterostilbene is nature identical, that is, it is the same as found in nature, both structurally and functionally.  The main difference between synthetic pterostilbene or resveratrol and naturally-derived pterostilbene or resveratrol is the purity.  Naturally derived compounds are extracted from the plants and concentrated to functional levels.  During the process other naturally found and less desirable compounds are also concentrated.  For example, concentrated resveratrol extracts also contain concentrated anthaquinones such as emodin which act as a natural laxative and can cause discomfort in sensitive individuals. ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

How Pterostilbene works

The Mechanisms of Action of pterostilbene is complicated. Pterostilbene owes its potential to diverse pharmacological actions that may alleviate diseases associated with oxidative damage and aging and promotion of health and an extended lifespan when used by healthy individuals. In general terms, the pharmacological actions of trans-pterostilbene are anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and antioxidant; these activities stem from biological interactions at a fundamental level for both control of gene expression and enzyme activity modulation.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

terostilbene possesses potent, concentration-dependent, antioxidant effects. It is becoming increasingly clear that the specific pharmacological activities attributable to individual natural stilbenes are governed by the unique structural differences that distinguish them. For example, resveratrol (with three hydroxyl groups) neutralizes reactive oxygen species (ROS) in whole blood and isolated lymphoblasts, whereas pinosylvin (with two hydroxyl groups) influences mainly intracellular ROS; pterostilbene (with two methoxy and one hydroxyl group) reduces extracellular ROS. This localization of antioxidative effect allows the use of pterostilbene to target extracellular reactive oxygen species that are, among other things, responsible for tissue damage during chronic inflammation.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Benefits of taking Pterostilbene supplements

Based on animal studies done with pterostilbene, it has been shown to have the following health boosting properties:ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Anticancer – high antioxidant properties means higher protection against DNA and telomere damage. Shown also to have an inhibitory effect against a form of cytochrome P450, an enzyme that activates “procarcinogens” that turns toxins (cigarette smoke and pesticides into cancers). Specifically, studies show that pterostilbene may be beneficial in fighting breast, digestive and colon cancers.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Anti-inflammatory – inflammation leads to many diseases.   Antioxidants like pterostilbene reverse inflammation.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Anti high cholesterol, high triglycerides – animals fed blueberries were found to have lower blood levels of lipids and cholesterol.  Reported to be more effective than some cholesterol lowering drugs.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Fights cognitive decline  - animals fed pterostilbene containing blueberries showed significant reversal in mental decline from aging versus strawberries and spinach.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Normalized blood sugar and insulin levels – antidiabetic.  Effects reported are similar to the drug metformin in optimizing insulin output/usage.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Side effects of taking Pterostilbene

When researching this supplement it is unlikely that you will find much information regarding side effects. That is because there are not any known side effects of this supplement. It is still prudent to only start with a low dose and work up from there, but it is incredibly safe and there is low risk of any negative outcomes. ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Dosage of taking Pterostilbene supplement

While there is no Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for pterostilbene, the current science supporting the product suggests a daily dosage of 100 to 250 mg. A single 50 mg to 125 mg capsule taken twice daily is recommended for all adults.ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

Where to buy high quality Pterostilbene?

Shanghai Natural Bio-engineering co., Ltd is the export branch of Hunan keyuan Bio-products Co., Ltd, is the manufacturer of bulk raw material of resveratrol in China. We have been the NO.1 resveratrol manucturer in this natural products industry, and pterostilbene is one of our relatively new ingredients. Bulk quantity of high quality pterostilbene is available to book ZjbShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

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