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 We now have artemether lumefantrine injection, artemether lumefantrine tablets available now! We only manufacture raw material powders of artemether and lumefantrine individually before, but now our clients have more options. Artemether lumefantrine injection combination is a good Treatment Of Malaria. The combination artemether/lumefantrine  is a fixed-dose combination artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) indicated for the treatment of acute uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria. The individual drugs were both initially developed in China. Artemether is one of the semi-synthetic derivatives of artemisinin, and lumefantrine(also known as benflumetol and CGP 56695 during development) is purely synthetic. The combination is an effective and well-tolerated malaria treatment, providing high cure rates even in areas of multi-drug resistance.DHiShanghai Natural Bio-engineering Co., Ltd

In 2001, Coartem became the first fixed dose artemisinin-based combination therapy to meet the World Health Organization's (WHO) pre-qualification criteria for efficacy, safety and quality.
Artemether and Lumefantrine are indicated for the treatment of falciparummalaria, the most dangerous form of malaria. This medication is the only pre-qualified, fixed-dose ACT combining artemether, an artemisinin derivative, and lumefantrine. This fixed-dose combination is of great benefit to patients as it facilitates treatment compliance and supports optimal clinical effectiveness.
This product is available in the following dosages:
  Artemether 20 mg + Lumefantrine 120 mg Tablets;
  Artemether 40 mg + Lumefantrine 240 mg Tablets;
  Artemether 80 mg + Lumefantrine 480 mg Tablets
Artemether injection dosage recommended by WHO (world health Organization)
Dosage and administration
Adults and children over 6 months: 3.2 mg/kg as a loading dose by intramuscular injection, followed by 1.6 mg/kg daily until the patient is able to tolerate oral medication or for a maximum of 7 days.

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