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Product name Vinca P.E. Vincamine
Botanical Name Vinca minor L.
Activeingredients Vincamine
synonyms Vinca P.E. Vincamine,Vinca minor L.,Vinca;Vraap;Perval;Equipur;Minorin;Monorin;Novicet
Appearance White to Light Yellow Crystalline Powder
Part used Leaf
Specification 98% HPLC
Dosage 30 mg twice a day
Main benefits Nootropics
Applied industries Medical industry; Supplement

What is Vincamine

Vincamine is an indole alkaloid (specifically a tryptamine) found in the leaves of Vinca minor, comprising about 25-65% of the indole alkaloids found in Vinca minor by weight. It is also found in the species Catharanthus roseus. It can be synthesized from related alkaloids.
Vincamine is a peripheral vasodilator that increases blood flow to the brain. Generic drugs containing vincamine exist in specific regions. Most common drug preparations are in the sustained release forms. 
Vincamine is often used as a nootropic agent to combat the effects of aging, or in conjunction with other nootropics (such as piracetam) for a variety of purposes.

Vincamine and vinpocetine

Vinpocetine is a semi-synthetic derivative of vincamine. Vincamine is an alkaloid derived from the plant Vinca minor L., a member of the periwinkle family. Vinpocetine, as well as vincamine, are used in Europe, Japan and Mexico as pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders. In the United States, vinpocetine is marketed as a dietary supplement. It is sometimes called a nootropic, meaning cognition enhancer, from the Greek noos for mind.
Note that a lot of supplement companies have vinpocetine stacked in their nuero enhancement products and suggest that you take the supplement on an empty stomach however, only a small percentage of vinpocetine is absorbed on an empty stomach as compared to with food.

How Vincamine Works

Although Vincamine has been used therapeutically for almost three decades, it is still somewhat difficult to pinpoint exactly how it works and exerts its effects. As a powerful vasodilator, this supplement is observed to relax the smooth muscle cells within the walls of blood vessels. The effect of this is to actually widen or dilate the vessels that bring blood to the brain. This, of course, also leads to an increase in blood flow. Vincamine’s effects are selective, affecting primarily the encephalic area. This increases the blood flow going to the brain as well as improved supply of nutrients, oxygen and glucose. The net result is improved energy production in the brain as well as increased uptake of important resources for cellular maintenance.
Another interesting mechanism of action for this supplement is the activation of a part of the brain stem known as the locus coeruleus. This is an area of the brain stem that is involved with physiological responses to panic and stress. It is the principle site in the brain for the synthesis of Norepinephrine and is composed mainly of medium-sized neurons. These neurons also extend throughout the cerebral cortex (the area responsible for thinking and planning). As we age, the numbers of these neurons decline and also seem to lose their effectiveness. Vicamine acts by ‘waking’ these neurons up and re-activating them, helping to offset some of the normally expected age-related cognitive decline.

What are the Benefits of taking Vincamine?

Vincamine was the first natural ingredient found to be effective in retarding the effects of the multiple mechanisms and factors responsible for cognitive decline. Vincamine is also as a natural nootropic supplement that is classified as a peripheral vasodilator. This nootropic is said to remove brain fog, help you get focus and motivated, and also make general cognition easier. You may experience heightened levels of mental clarity and wakefulness as well as the potential for a mood enhancement effect.

Vincamine for vasodilator

Many of the benefits of Vincamine are directly related to its vasodilation properties and effects. By increasing the blood flow to the brain there are a number of different conditions that may be potentially treated. This includes vertigo and Meniere’s syndrome. It can also help with difficulty in sleeping, mood changes, depression, hearing problems, high blood pressure, and even a lack of blood flow to eyes. 
This supplement has also shown some efficacy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. A number of studies have also shown that Vincamine is able to normalize the brain-wave patterns of elderly people who have memory defects and an inability to concentrate. It may also be effective as a treatment for alcohol induced organic brain syndrome. 
Although there are a number of anecdotal reports from users of Vincamine, it is difficult to point to any solid evidence to support benefits which relate to an increase in cognition. However, users do indicate that this supplement helps to increase memory and enhance their concentration. Additionally, it has been known to improve overall mood and lead to a feeling of enhanced well-being.

Vincamine for nootropic

As a natural nootropic supplement, Vincamine is good for memory. It enhances / improves brain metabolism by increasing oxidative degradation of glucose and its use by nerve cells / trophic and protective effects on brain neurons, leading to an increase in general activity. Vincamine is capable of increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. Effects of using Vincamine are reported to include increased mental energy, clarity of thought, intellectual processing and heightened alertness. It is sold under the trade name Oxybral SR, although there are also a number of generic alternatives, depending on your location and country. Most of the more common formulations are of the sustained release forms. Vincamine also considered to be an indole alkaloid, which are common components of fragrances and the precursors to many types of pharmaceuticals.

Dosages of Vincamine

This is a fairly powerful herbal supplement, so it is important to stay within the recommended dosage range. For almost everyone this will consist of 30 mg every 12 hours, or twice a day. As with any new supplement, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a qualified physician or medical professional before adding this to your regimen. Also, starting with the lowest effective dose is also important. Only increase (and only up to the recommended level) once you are more familiar with the effects.

Side Effects of Vinpocetin

Strictly adhere to label dosing guidelines.
Vinpocetin is most effective when the supplement product is taken with food. 
Side-effects are rare, and clinical research has demonstrated that few adverse side-effects were noted at the dosages used during study.
Some Side-effects are reported only at very high doses and can include blood thinning.

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